Sometimes you feel like there is no humanity left in you and the next thing you know you are out of sanity too and oh shit you are out of ethics and animosity is the only thing left with you.And you do something STUPID. What would you do?




Just go die. OR run run run run run jump duck roll walk run run HALT. move back a couple of steps. Start walking. . then slowly pick the pace and when you are near a ledge JUMP. 

Feel the air rushing past you. See the ledge getting further away. Feel the earth coming closer. 

Close your eyes. Feel the pain of regret. Desire of a second chance. Urge of expressing your emotions to the special one. Desperation of a warm motherly embrace. To reverse the last step on the ledge and IMPACT. 




No, its was just imagination. you running away from the consequences of you actions. you didnt do anything, you just imagined remember. Now run along 

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