I want, U want V want


I am writing this in reference to me and my behaviour. Usually people write about other people’s behaviour yet they dont know that they are the people like I am a people. Does that make sense?. . . WARNING its was a rhetorical question.


ok who said that? (another one of the rhetorical question often encountered by the students all over the world)

ANYWAY. . . .

I just wanted to direct your attention… (notice how i said I just WANTED)… to the fact that I always want something. And it is the basis of everything I do everyday. And sometimes to satisfy my want, I do other stuff before I do what I wanted.

For example.

I wake up and WANT to have breakfast because I am hungry. But before I could satisfy my want, I have to pee, brush my teeth, wash my face, maybe change clothes, comb my hair etc etc 

ans THEN I am able to have breakfast. 

However i could just skip these steps so lets do it again

I wake up feeling hungry. I went into the kitchen and eat up the breakfast (if its already been made.we’ll just assume that it is.) but in doing so I might have put my health in danger. How? Holding on to your pee can be fatal.

Which brings me to another example

Suppose my son(imaginary) WANTS Wii so bad that i could not help but to do something about it. So guess what? There is a small competition held in town saying that who ever holds their pee for the longest amount of time wins a Wii. OMG its my lucky day and just to satisfy my unsatisfaction I participated and actually won. My son got what he WANTed and i get it away for free, But wait this is no the end, The interesting part is where I die. . . . .Yes I am serious. and its not even a supposed event. Its actually a true story. check out the link


uneasy silence indeed.

So ladies and gentlemen, I started with my own behaviour of morning breakfast and ended up on people’s behaviour of   stupidity. Because somebody said “if you haven’t lived smart at least die smart’


I just made it up myself because at the end of the day its my blog, my thoughts and my rule and you are just to imagine:)

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