Answer me?


I fear that what I had struggle for for my whole life ends up to be a trap and the epiphany was ultimately a transitional point. I ended up seeing my whole struggle from a different perspective. and it was worthless to begin with. 

So I am down in the dumps waiting for my soul to rot. I see no other option and there is nothing left for me to do. 

If I die tomorrow. . . I would be just another name on the tombstone, just another epitaph just another useless hole filled with my lifeless body. and I stare at the ceiling. my eyes dried up to the core and my heart just beating. Supplying my senses with fresh dose of blood. and I was ever so busy to waste it all. 

I want to know how it would all end. I want to have answers but is there anyone out there to answer me back? Only me and my pathetic attitude. 

Can you answer me. Anyone….??

But then again what is the question?

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