Devil in Nirvana


In nirvana I felt a presence of a devil. he was non other than i.


In nirvana i met a devil

And he said to me I am alone

Yet he looked at me and through me

It pains like a broken bone

eyes closed and I continued

My search from within my soul

With an empty stare he gazed upon me

With time I felt a burning hole

I came from this place

The hole so dark and tar

Like a black hole gone bad

There once dwelled a star.

I don’t understand

The places I have never seen

How can a devil be my companion 

In a journey so pure and clean

I will kill you o devil

But you cant with a cold reply 

For I am you and you are me

And my existence you cant defy

I will not accept you or your existence

I have every right to deny

Hush o mortal being

For you are so meek and weak at heart

I can crush you with my plans

I hushed and listen to him say

For he had strength and might

But I will not die without a fight

He told me his secret  

And I couldn’t meet his eye

For he was indeed i

And I was his strength and might

And so I had to fight

With me myself and i

I wasn’t in nirvana nor I met a devil

I was staring at myself

Stripped off of disguise

Am a devil in camouflage?

Or a misguided collage

A diabolical situation

I cant handle anymore

I want to die but not go to hell

For I have created one on earth

And I will not give birth 

To the endless series of deaths

I will fight and I will be killed

In honor of no one but my self

i am selfish and surreal of what level

I am indeed in nirvana and I did meet a devil

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