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Oh GOD help me


sick are the intentions cold and stark
eyes wide open staring into the dark
hues of life seals my heart
and i am torn apart so far apart.
my mind spins in the colour wheel
Oh God help me heal.

on the heels of sin
i am rigged within
the calling is clear
and i hear but im not here
i admit the SUPREME
yet submit to extremes
as i view my life in reel
oh God help me kneel

pursuing the illusion of choice
supressing the inner voice
succumb to temptaion
accepting the invitation
i fight with you , and you with me
niether I or you the winner is he
he the devil so proud of me
and i vanish into the fantasy
pure esctacy yet i dont feel
oh god help me to deal


God help me kneel


Bleeding words


When you lost the gem what made you you.

I have always felt you in the fraction of my soul 
I am half the person yet you make me whole
But i need to stay away for a while
I need you to bid me farewell with a pure smile
I will be guily for all my life
Its a burden that cuts me like knife
I dont know what i an saying
I am lost and praying.
I dnt want to hurt you again and again
I want you to be successfull and not insane
Like me myself and i
I hate to say good bye