Who is the coolest of them all?


Whats happening to you when your body seems lifeless, your eyes are stuck at one object, your mouth opens up a little, your ears hears only the silence, your breathing is shallow and your lips are mute.

If I see you like that I’d go to the nearest doctor. Yet you are in a magical world of your mind, 

You might be imagining your self floating in the clouds, or hanging from a cliff with one hand, under the sea among the fish holding the key to the treasure chest, literally opening your skull and scratching your brain with the broken pencil, sitting on the moon discussing your itinerary with a martian or looking inside your body by rotating your eyeballs 180 degrees.

Pretty awesome right but not to me. To me you are a disheveled heap from Losersville and your only friends are the flies that are circling around you aiming to make a landing in your mouth. And I pass by you making a silent note to myself that I would share my experience with my cool friends of having witnessed a dork on my way.

And when you finally came back to your worldly senses, you are smiling for you have had some quality time. Meanwhile I crack the laughing joke of the day in front of my friends.

Which one us had the best day?

And who am I kidding.

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