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Devil in Nirvana


In nirvana I felt a presence of a devil. he was non other than i.


In nirvana i met a devil

And he said to me I am alone

Yet he looked at me and through me

It pains like a broken bone

eyes closed and I continued

My search from within my soul

With an empty stare he gazed upon me

With time I felt a burning hole

I came from this place

The hole so dark and tar

Like a black hole gone bad

There once dwelled a star.

I don’t understand

The places I have never seen

How can a devil be my companion 

In a journey so pure and clean

I will kill you o devil

But you cant with a cold reply 

For I am you and you are me

And my existence you cant defy

I will not accept you or your existence

I have every right to deny

Hush o mortal being

For you are so meek and weak at heart

I can crush you with my plans

I hushed and listen to him say

For he had strength and might

But I will not die without a fight

He told me his secret  

And I couldn’t meet his eye

For he was indeed i

And I was his strength and might

And so I had to fight

With me myself and i

I wasn’t in nirvana nor I met a devil

I was staring at myself

Stripped off of disguise

Am a devil in camouflage?

Or a misguided collage

A diabolical situation

I cant handle anymore

I want to die but not go to hell

For I have created one on earth

And I will not give birth 

To the endless series of deaths

I will fight and I will be killed

In honor of no one but my self

i am selfish and surreal of what level

I am indeed in nirvana and I did meet a devil


Bleeding words


When you lost the gem what made you you.

I have always felt you in the fraction of my soul 
I am half the person yet you make me whole
But i need to stay away for a while
I need you to bid me farewell with a pure smile
I will be guily for all my life
Its a burden that cuts me like knife
I dont know what i an saying
I am lost and praying.
I dnt want to hurt you again and again
I want you to be successfull and not insane
Like me myself and i
I hate to say good bye



Untitled Randomness


Have you ever been deceived ? But it all comes down to one conclusion that it is only I who deceives none other than myself and I learn my lesson well until life throws something different at me and i get busy with it. And its all going around in circle as if the an invisible spherical barrier burst into tiny droplets of tears which dries up with time cuz time heals yet it hurts.

Ill be a fool to believe that a living a life like a hermit is the bes alternative of pain. Yes I am a fool yet wise enough to know that we are sent on this earth for a reason and that is to live for others and in doing so we will find ourselves and then we could claim to be the richest one on earth but there is always a but followed by the bitter truth that actually happens.

Life is very simple if we want it to be. Its about first degree murder of your desires. In return we get what we deserve. What makes it difficult is when we murder the wrong thing to end with wrong result yet strangely every thing happens for our better . We are just too impatient to find the answers so we keep on asking questions. This is how simple it is

I think i better stop tapping the button on the keyboard. Only 26 letters and i keep making weird combination that makes sense to one yet no sense to the other but every pair of eye infers a different sense of the same combination of 26 letters.

Goodbye. I better stop. If anyone found this interesting. Go admit yourself in a rehab you are insane. Keep a seat for me as well. C ya there.